Return Of Earnings

ANNOUNCEMENT: ROE now available online

The 2013 assessment for the annual returns is now open for transacting. You are encouraged to file your Return of Earnings online on or before 31 MAY 2014. Click here for more information.


JSE Direct #145

In this episode of JSE Direct, Simon Brown talks about the JSE’s 10 most forgotten shares with Finweek deputy editor Tandisizwe Mahlutshana. He looks for opportunity for investors in ARB Holdings, investigates the Datacentrix and Phumelela results and explains the workings of Exchange Traded Funds.

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VIDEO: The art and science of public relations

Every week, the Finweek team takes a little time to discuss the latest Finweek cover story on CNBC Africa. If you’re new to our CNBC Africa lunches, or have missed a few episodes, fear not. Everything you’ve missed is right here!


IDEA: How to create an energetic workplace

It is important that businesses devote resources to creating high energy zones that support their staff from both a mental and physical point of view. In other words, providing spaces that generate energy. In this post we tell you how.


OPINION: The mind games of job interviewers

When you go for that next interview at the company that you’ve been dreaming about, keep in mind that this interview may go completely different to what you expected. Moxima Gama talks about certain mind games that recruiters are known to play. Your answers may just cost you the job.

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INVESTMENT: Comparing retirement annuities

The retirement annuity (RA) remains in many instances the best vehicle of choice towards future savings by investors. We look at a few factors that evaluate why investors prefer this option above others.


OPINION: Social media should be on exco agenda

Far from being the realm of forward thinking advertising types, social media has become integral in the management of all aspects of a business. Gordon Geldenhuys of 25AM argues it’s high time to bring social media into the boardroom.


Finweek Quiz #22

Welcome to this week’s Finweek Quiz! Flex your brain with our questions on the most recent edition of the magazine and to see how much attention you’ve paid to the recent current events.

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“We have an incredibly simplistic view of why people work and what the labour market looks like,” says behavioural economist Dan Ariely. Contrary to popular belief, money does not motivate us to work, nor does joy in many instances. According to Ariely, personal development and a sense of purpose may very well be the reason […]


VIDEO: Creative strategy

Bruce Whitfield chats to Dr Charlene Lew, Gibs senior lecturer in Strategic Decision Making, about the importance of creativity in company strategy. Standard Bank and FNB, for example, are creating environments that lead us to believe they are more funky than competitors. They have taken a situation that could be very boring and created a solution that is exciting for consumers.