This article originally appeared in the 29 May - 4 June 2015 edition of Finweek. Click on the image above to download.

COVER: Capitalising on the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has fast-forwarded humankind’s daily lives into what a decade ago could only be seen in sci-fi movies. Our lives are integrated with technology in a way that was previously unimaginable – from fitness trackers and smart electricity meters to robots caring for the elderly in Japan.

Moxima Gama

LIFE: The success in failure

When it comes to failure our egos are our own worst enemies, writes Moxima Gama. Successful people fail too, but they do not accept it as a verdict. They see it as an opportunity.


PRO PICK – Standard Bank shaping up after turnaround

Standard Bank may have made some mistakes in its growth strategy in times past, but it has learnt its lesson and switched to a focused strategy, writes Portfolio Manager at Momentum Asset Management Louis Chetty.


LIFE: Comrades Marathon insurance tips

Runners should ensure they have adequate insurance cover before they tie their shoelaces to tackle the Comrades Marathon, says Gari Dombo of Alexander Forbes Insurance.


INSIGHT: Where will you be when the interest rate music stops?

It is better to wait for better investment opportunities given the current interest rate.


MONEY 101: The golden rules of debt management

When it comes to debt management there are a few golden tips you should know. Finweek contributor Kristia van Heerden speaks to top certified financial planners who provide a debt cheat sheet.


INSIGHT: Send in the drones

Drones, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, were developed for surveillance and attack in wartime situations. Like other technological advances made by the military, civilian applications are abundant and promising. For conservationists, drones are proving an invaluable ally in the war against rhino poachers.

CI_Health care_Netcare_Richard Friedland_Fotoweb try

SPOTLIGHT: Cashing in the Netcare way

Netcare CEO Richard Friedland’s track record as a businessman and medical doctor, is more than just impressive. Shoks Mzolo speaks to him about Netcare’s expansions and and what makes the team work so well.

Kevin Hedderwick, Famous Brands, Group CE (1)

NEWS: Famous Brands eyes corporate catering, evening diners

Famous Brands is in expansionary mode thanks to a sound cash flow, a strong balance sheet and zero debt writes Liesl Peyper.

House cost

PROPERTY: Is your home a good investment?

While a home is an appreciating asset, it is not necessarily an investment that will provide a nest egg for retirement says Steven Barker.

Ralph Mupita

INSIGHT: 170 years of Old Mutual

Old Mutual plc just celebrated 170 years in the financial services industry. CEo of emerging markets, Ralph Mupita shares some of the key factors behind its longevity and newly appointed CEO Dave Macready shares on future plans.