Finweek Quiz #60

Welcome to another Finweek quiz! There’s one last copy of Holger Meier’s ‘The Beer Book’ up for grabs. Good luck! Welkom by nog ‘n Finweek vasvra! Ons gee ook weer ‘n eksemplaar van ‘The Beer Book’ deur Holger Meier weg aan een gelukkige wenner. Die Afrikaanse weergawe van hierdie vasvra is onder die Engelse weergawe.


INVESTMENT: Greed often leads to investment ruin

Trading on the stock market is a risky task but what happens when you get to greedy? Moxima Gama advises you on how to make good investment choices.


BUDGET: The rise of South Africa’s second-hand economy

With taxes increasing and therefore spending money decreasing, it’s important for consumers to spend smarter. Second-hand goods are a good way to start spending smart.

Mining Rustenburg

NEWS: Guptas pay for unlawful dismissal

The Guptas will have to pay thousands for the unlawful dismissal of a mine captain at its Westdawn Investments mine. The Guptas will plan to have the ruling reviewed.

Telephone cables

MANAGEMENT: Load Shedding a concern for CEOs

South African CEOs are concerned about the negative impact of load shedding on their business activities. CEO confidence has dropped by 2.7%.

Fairtree Capital - Stephen Brown, Portfolio Manager

INVESTMENT: Understanding a high P/E world

Portfolio manager, Stephen Brown explains the implications of higher-than-normal P/E ratios. Investors need to be aware of the different metrics available to value a company.


INSIGHT: Is Standard Bank moving forward?

Market Analyst Shaun Murison provides his insights on Standard Bank’s performance over the past financial year.


NEWS: ABSA challenge to stop fires in CT

Fires in Cape Town have broken out since Sunday morning. While fire fighters are trying their best to put them out they have been struggling. Absa bank put out a challenge on twitter this morning for support.


LIFE: Promoting cycling in the City of Johannesburg

Cycle Jozi Week aims to promote cycling in the city, encouraging citizens to make use of cycle transport and the cycle lanes being built. The event includes a Freedom Ride to commemorate Nelson Mandela and to unite communities previously separated by apartheid.

Businessman running to success

VIDEO: The best employer brands and customer relations

In this episode of Finweek Money Matters we discuss: The best employer brands which attract the best talent, the importance of good business-customer relations, investing in Hyprop and debate on the best employers in South Africa. Finweek: Money Matters is a weekly programme aired every Friday 13:00 CAT on CNBC Africa (DSTV Channel 410). The programme focusses on trends, investment analysis and economic debates.

Technology 7

LIFE: Upcoming Mobile Money Africa 2015 conference

The Mobile Money Africa 2015 conference set to take place in May in Johannesburg will explore the development in the financial services industry. This is an opportunity for consumers to equip themselves with knowledge about the future direction industry is taking.


LIFE: Natural disasters versus insurance policies

The recent wave of Western Cape fires remind individuals to re-examine their insurance policies. Individuals need to make sure their assets are covered.