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BLOG: One Rand Man #2

July is National Savings Month and while the rest of us will spend the month feeling guilty over how little we save, one Capetonian will put his money where his mouth is… in R1 coins. Follow the One Rand Man’s journey right here every week with a blog about his experience.


Finweek Quiz #32

It’s time for another Finweek quiz! Try your luck for a chance to win a Finweek hamper consisting of a ‘Freakonomics’ DVD as well as a Finweek T-shirt and key ring. Remember to include your email address so we can contact you if you win.


ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Your franchise and the interest rate

The cost of living is increasing due to the recent interest rate hike. With the interest rate increase, the cost of lending will increase for franchisees and this puts some pressure on cash flow as they would have to service a bigger loan repayment. We look at the effects.


NEWS: New regulations to curb reckless lending

South Africa has seen a worrying increase in levels of over-indebtedness. It has been announced that due to this problem, regulations to standardise affordability assessments conducted by credit providers, will be published by the Department of Trade and Industry.

Global markets

MARKET SNIPPET: 22 July 2014

To get your daily fix on all things related to global market movements, tune in to Finweek.com for a snippet of what the experts have to say.


OPINION: The purpose of fixing rates

There is no right or wrong when it comes to fixing rates. But it is perhaps important to consider some factors when deciding whether or not to fix rates, as well as to point out that the usual times when people normally rush to fix rates are not always what you would expect. We take a look.


INSIGHT: Women still struggling for recognition in higher education

It’s fair to say that the continuous exclusion of women in higher education undermines some of the central ideals of higher education and perpetuates gender inequality and social injustice. We take a closer look at this.

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Battle of the Bulge: Are you overspending on IT?

, most companies have software deployed that is not being used, as very few actively meter application usage and if they do, they normally only do this on a fraction of the software applications deployed. “Unused software is a significant cost oversight that should be avoided. This is largely driven by the fact that customers oversubscribe to the software; do not adequately manage the software lifecycle and do not actively manage usage of those licenses with the correct tooling.”


Vacation days key to productivity

A sharp increase in absenteeism, noticeable reductions in productivity, more staff presenting burnout-related symptoms and high staff turnover are all symptoms of a burnt-out workforce. A one week holiday every six months could ensure a happier, more productive workforce, but is it practical for small businesses?