Finweek Quiz #64

Attention, sci-fi buffs! This week a you can win a copy of the classic ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ by Arthur C Clarke for getting all the answers right in the quiz. Good luck! Aandag aan alle liefhebbers van wetenskapsfiksie! Vandeesweek kan ’n eksemplaar van die klassieke werk ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ deur Arthur C Clarke gewen word as al die vrae in die vasvra reg beantwoord word. Sterkte!

Moxima Gama

MANAGEMENT: Customers are not always right

Contrary to popular belief, the customer is not always right. Finweek contributor Moxima Gama gives tips on how to manage these situations politely.


OPINION: SA’s power crisis: How analytics can change the game

One of the major problems with South Africa’s response to the power crisis is reactive rather than proactive solutions. Kroshlen Moodley says Eskom needs to be future focused in order to deal with current issues in the parastatal.

small business Cropped shot of two handsome men in their workshop

BUSINESS: SMEs under pressure to use tech more effectively

SME development in South Africa is of great importance if we are to grow our economy but SMEs have to keep up with technological advancements to give them the edge and increase their revenue opportunities.

Namibia in power crunch

NEWS: Rolling blackouts, renewable energy and lessons learned

The year 2008 brought with it the phenomenon of blackouts. the power cuts caused losses to productivity spurring on alternative solutions like renewable energy. Paul Semple unpacks the lessons learned in trying to resolve the energy crisis.


MANAGEMENT: Backup is no longer enough

Businesses employ backup systems as a measure of insurance. But what may be more important is availability and access to data centres.


PROPERTY: Beware of criminal syndicates

A number of criminal syndicates are operating in sectional title complexes, in which they fraudulently apply for lease agreements, warns Sheree Peach of Renprop.


MANAGEMENT: Environmental law moves to the boardroom

Compliance with environmental law is receiving more prominence among issues discussed in the boardroom.


PROPERTY: Avoid these home pricing mistakes

Homeowners placing their houses on the market want to get the best possible return on their investment. having a good pricing strategy for your home is essential. CEO of Remax, Adrian Goslett gives tips to avoid home pricing mistakes.

Online shopping 2

INSIGHT: Online credit card spend increases 7%

The growth in online credit card shopping amounts to 12% for 2014. This comes as consumers prefer the convenience of online shopping.